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Friday 15 Dec 2017


Anemoni Studios

“When the sky meets the sea…and offers us the most beautiful sunrises!”

Southerly Of the island of Crete , across the livicon sea, to the exquisite
bay of plakias,we have decided to create our business…
Plakias is a splendid town build between the two gorges (kotsifos - kourtaliotis)
and that’s the reason we may feature plakias as a bay.

Plakias abstains barely 30km from the city of Rethimno and the drive is brief and relaxing.
The airports of  Chania and Heraklion abstains almost 60km and 80km correspondingly.

Anemonie studios was created with patience and meticulosity
from our family and thanks to your preferenceswe’ve managed to
upgrade our supplies and services during the passing of the years.

Our family for years now is trying to offer you the best and most cheery accommodation
in our small town hopefully it will remain unforgettable to you.
Thank you for visiting our site.

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